Great Smokies Community Classes and Life Coaching

Dave Clinton
Certified Life Coach

Life Coaching is a very flexible form of treatment and can fit into most peoples busy schedules. Appointments can be face to face or they can also be via telephone or by webcam. Evening and weekend appointments are available.

Coaching is available here in the following areas:
Marital/ Relationship       Parenting
Financial                         Career
Divorce                            PTSD
Domestic Violence            Addiction

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Life should be and adventure, fullfilling, full of challenges and victories. Positive change can be the biggest adventure of all and I can help. You've already taken the first step by viewing this website. Take the next step by contacting me and begin your journey.


Life coaching is a short-term, solution-focused, and goal oriented process. It differs from traditional therapy sessions in that it focuses on the present and future rather than in the past.

My aim in working with you is to help you formulate realistic, attainable plans for reaching goals that are measurable and flexible in application. My philosophy is that mental health services are just like physical medical services. If you have a problem you want an effective solution in the shortest time possible, just like going to a medical doctor. Life coaching is an affordable alternative to traditional therapy and can be very effective for most clients. Life coaching has the advantage of being extremely flexible in order to fit into clients busy schedules.

Sessions can be face to face but they can also be conducted via telephone, web cam or other electronic media. Therefore, if consultation indicates that I can be effective in helping you and we dont live in the same area we can still get together to help solve your issues. Just like in traditional therapy, life coaching is completely confidential, no part of any session will be divulged without the clients expressed consent. I adhere to the American Counseling Associations code of ethics.

My name is Dave Clinton. I have a M.S. in mental health counseling and am a certified life coach through the AACC. I can be contacted at (865) 771-0561 0r at

The fee rate for sessions are, $35.00 per half hour, $45.00 per 45 minutes, or $55.00 per hour. Payments can be made through Paypal and is required prior to the scheduled session.
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